Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wassup Yall

south's great. Its laid back and chill here. Got a shot of americana when I found myself hitching in the back of a red pickup truck into the middle of no where. Had a great flute session on top of the smokey moutains. Too bad we didn't have a camera at the time. Crazy hike yesterday through about a foot of water and ice.


Hollipop said...

adam and phil the basement and its shinanigans miss u guys. plus it's kinda boring looking outside in the yard and not seeing u building a sweat lodge or something of the sort... but hey the blog is pretty entertaining so i'll settle for that for now. unlike phil's grandma i don't exactly wish i was OUT there with you... but i still think its pretty awesome what ur doing... so have fun while we're back here enjoying modern comforts like flushing toilets and tempurpedic matresses; i hope you're enjoying the ice storms and all that business. with lots of love, -Hollipop

Adam's Mom said...

Don't forget to keep your feet dry and your socks clean (these are the things mother's worry about!). Oh, and I would recommend changing your undies at least once a month.

That snow looks ... um... challenging!
Lots of love