Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gatlinburg. TN

Hey Everyone,

Glad to see we're getting some active checkers o' da blog. We're in Gatlinburg right now, taking a break halfway through the Smokies. We have a food drop here anyway, but we got a 50 buck/night motel room to thaw out, the last couple of days have been nuts. First day of the Smokies we were in t-shirt and shorts hiking through 6 inches of snow. Second day we hit a wind-storm. Third day it all accumulated into a wind, rain, hail, snow storm that really took it out of us (and added about 4 pounds to each boot). We woke up this morning in a shelter at over 5,000 ft. and my shorts were frozen like a piece of cardboard. That was our indicator to take a night off in Gatlinburg. Adam's gonna get on the comp. next (we're mooching off a bizarro-arcade in this mini-mall here in town) and will probably give you some more detail on our progress. I know some friends at Duke wanted to meet up, so to give an update, we'll be in Hot Springs, NC in a couple days... March 10th to be exact.

The pictures posted by the way are pretty much all in the Nantahala National Forest. I don't know where the one is of me hiking, the one of Adam is in some shelter, and the one of both of us is at a summit right before Mt. Albert in the Nantahala, taken by our thru-hiker Buddy Felton.

I also received some bad news, and for those of you who knew him, have RIP thoughts for our dog Banjo, who was recently put to sleep.



Anonymous said...

Phil and Adam, Glad you are enjoying our southern hospitality, up in the mtns. Sorry about the frozen shorts, oh well! After a night in Gatlinburg, though, I know you will be ready to leave civilization as soon as possible!
By the way, did you bump (haha) into Dolly Parton up there?? Stay warm, and light.
John and Taylor

Anonymous said...

Philip and Adam,

This Grandma Frances. This is corny, but I wish I were there in a younger day. I would find it very exciting and informative. However, I am there with you in spirit and I can imagine what a great adventure this trip is. I'll be thinking of you off and on, so keep us posted. Hopefully, good weather will be your ally.