Friday, March 28, 2008

Damascus, VA

Yo friends,
Damascus has treated us real well. We're staying right across the street of probably the best outfitters on the trail, Mt. Rogers Outfitters. I got some new insoles for my boots, which I think'll really help out with some soreness that's been going on. The people are incredibily nice here, and we've been making some good friends.
Spring definitely seems to be on its way. As Adam mentioned, we've been picking some wild onions as we go to get some fresh veggies going on... hopefully gonna start getting some dandelion leaves too. Other than that, things aren't too much in bloom yet. At higher elevations, the landscape is still pretty wintery. I'm kinda bummed there isn't a good bookstore here in town 'cause I need a new one. That's about it for now, I gotta go start packing and get outta here before this rain that seems to be looming in the distance comes.

P.S. Adam and I decided at Kincora Hostel at Dennis Cove to give ourselves trailnames, until we get better ones. We figure it's harder for people we meet to remember us by our normal names. So for the time being, I'm going as Daddy Luv, and Adam is Ad-man
P.P.S. Kincora Hostel run by Bob and Pat peoples was an amazing experience. Bob is known up and down the trail as a dedicated trail maintainer, and supporter of hikers. He offered us great hospitality and company (he also turned us onto the wild onions which he picked up next to the sidewalk in Hampton, TN when giving us a ride to the Post Office).


dog walker said...

That's too bad about the lack of books. Maybe we can send you some in the next food shipment. Glad to hear that spring is on the way. You will probably be seeing a changing population out on the trail as well. Keep on trekkin'!

joy and ko said...

hey pill!
the korean and i send our love and regards on your journey! keep safe and keep trekkin and keep warm and keep fierce! we miss you and hope everything is going well!

p.s. holler at me when you get the nyc - we can go to wash sq park jess-style.

j + k