Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting Home

Sorry that the blogs were more scarce toward the end of the trip. It was probably a combination of lack of computers, and lack of urgency to do anything except hike and rest. However, here I am at home finally with a bit of time on my hands.

New Hampshire and Maine were both incredible and challenging. The white mountains in New Hampshire make the Vermont ski areas seem like foothills. Alot of the time we were above tree line. One night we barely made it off the top of a mountain before a severe electrical storm set in- actually more like 4 storms at the same time coming from different directions. We were lucky enough to have great weather on both Mount Washington and Katahdin.

Thankyou to Matu, Nick, Jessie (from Duke), and Dad (Big Chief) for coming out and hiking with us periodically. It was very rejuvinating. Thankyou Mom for spearheading the food drop support, and thankyou to all friends and family for general moral support and encouragement. It was a fantastic suprise to have Holly and Nicole come up and meet us at the end in Baxter State Park. They even made victory signs! We are also thankful for all those people along the way who lifted our spirits with trail magic (usually free food). Phil and I are planning to go out to the trail in New York to do some trail magic of our own. Thankyou everyone for the pledges to Running Strong. Phil and I will be sending out return envelopes to pledgers soon .

Nothing can match the incredible feeling of climbing to the top of Katahdin and seeing the famous sign that marks the northern terminus. Our friend Double Cheese was already at the top when we arrived and he cheared us on the final 20 feet or so. Phil and I had left at about 5 in the morning to get to the top at a decent hour in the morning. Double Cheese had left at around 3:30 to catch the sunrise.

I have been home for a day or two now. I still need to readjust to life in Greenwich again. Its very different from the trail obviously, but my bed feels great and seeing friends and family is awesome. There was even an article in the Greenwich Times on July 5 with a full page on A3 about our trip. I was very happy to see that.