Monday, March 17, 2008

Howdy from Erwin, TN

The last stretch of trail has been challenging and beautiful. I had a stomach bug for a couple days which made the hiking a little more tiring, but nothing too serious. Yesterday we made a 20 mile stretch to make up for be holed up in a shelter on a previous eight mile day becuase of severe thunderstorms. The weather in these mountains is powerful! Yesterday we passed over "Big Bald" in thick cloud/fog and 32 degrees with a howling wind. It felt more like the Scottish highlands or Siberian Tundra. We were low on food and energy when we summited this 5,500 foot heath bald, but luckily we had whats called a "trail magic" experience.

An ex-thru-hiker by the name of "wildchild" Jeff was out for a day hike with his sister and 72 year old mother. He was 6'4'', jolly, and wearing overalls. We met this crew of three under the surreal and gnarly white out conditions on the heath bald. He pulled out a sack of granola bars, an apple, and sun dried banana chips. He let us chose what we wanted. That was great.

We also had lunch at a very religous household, who were giving us Christian books as we left and asking us questions like "What is truth? and "What is tolerance?". Theres a great story to it, but my time has run out on the internet at the Erwin public library. Bye for now, and thankyou mom, for making our blogsite about 100 times better looking.


Adam's Mom said...

I have to give credit to Eddie for the map. Great to hear from you today! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Ad n Phil;
the weather here continues at 80 degrees with a 5 foot swell and zero altitude.Holly and I struggle down to the Wharf bar for pizza and work on her forehand.The world financial system has collapsed,except for gold and JP Morgan who will buy anything for two dollars.Bells beach surf on at Easter...Big Chief...

Will Daly said...

Hi Cousin Phil (and Adam),

This is Cousin Will from California. I read your Blog, your pictures are amazing. Happy Easter, my Dad says Hi!

Maryomarin said...

Hi Phil and Adam,
This is from Phil's Aunt Mary Anne and cousin Ben in Mill Valley, CA. Happy Easter! We spoke to your mom today and she filled us in a little about the and told us about your blog, which I just read in it's entirety to Ben and he really enjoyed it, especially the "hot pockets" post and the part about your "icy face".

We also want to hear more about the Christian home visit and love hearing about the characters you're meeting, the towns, the weather and of course wildlife and nature. We look forward to reading more about your grand adventure!

Hollipop said...

hey guys!
adam we missed u in australia and all the relatives were asking about u so i gave a bunch of them ur website, i think they go on it but are too shy to leave comments perhaps... anywho i got back to g-town today and its really cold, but i had a good stay over there and im going back to school tomorrow. sounds like u guys are having some pretty intense hiking at the moment, but its good that you're still enjoying it and not questioning your sanity at this point... hopefully... anyway keep having fun!! miss you guys!!