Friday, June 20, 2008


Anonymous said...

What a great photo!
Hey Adam, do you have to carry that cross the rest of the way?
..Big Chief..

Jules said...

the fact that i didnt get a bday shout out is extremely troubling,,,

Adam's Mom said...

Adam and Phil
We are really counting down the days now - can't wait to see you at Katahdin!
Lots of love from Stephi

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,how are the wombats going?
nice late goal wouldnt be planning a last stop soon to do some soccer loading up?...
all the best...Big Chief..

Anonymous said...

hey, I just read Andrew Thompsons account of his 2001 speed attempt on trail at something like extreme ultra running .com Check out the weather account at Mt Washington!!!
we got lucky!!
,,Big Chief..