Sunday, June 8, 2008

Glencliff, NH

Hey everyone, we made it to Glencliff, about to start into the White Mountains. We're staying in a Hostel, and on our way in could see the 5,000 ft climb up Mt. Moosilauke, which we have ahead of us tomorrow.
Our stay in Dartmouth was awesome, and we got to hang with our friend Ian Murphy at the Bones Gate frat. funny anecdote: Before we left Hanover, after picking up our food drop at the Post Office, I had an interesting moment out on the sidewalk. I was trying to fit our folded box into a trash can, facing a crowded / traffic-packed street. I suddenly got hit with a fit of the giggles, which turned into full blown laughter. To sum up, everyone on the street driving by watched as I attempted to ram a box into a trash can while laughing uncontrollably. Must've looked kind of crazy.
That's it for now, I'm pumped to get above treeline tomorrow.
-Samsa (Phil)

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dogwalker said...

Is the stress getting to you? What you need is a nice long hike to calm down.
You're missing a big heat wave further south, although it's probably pretty warm where you are too. Good luck in the mountains.