Sunday, June 1, 2008

Visit from Matu, Nick Tag, & Adam's dad Rob H-B

Adam and Phil are in VT, shortly to summit Killington. They have had some company in recent days, including Matu and Rob who did a few days each, and Nick Tag who has been with them since Cornwall Bridge and will be leaving them at Killington. The pace is tough for the newbies, who have suffered blisters and sore knees, but Nick has the medal for grit as he keeps up the pace.

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Anonymous said...

hey dudes ring home if you get this in 2 days as there are no refunds on lakes in the clouds lodge.ill book 4 spots for june 12 in a few days if that day is filling up!(possible Matu)thinking of doing the section to pinkham after with you!!
..Big Chief...