Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Montebello, VA

Hey, we finally got to a computer to give an update, although it seems that's already been done. Matu came out to visit and we were really glad to have him. The weather remains to be relatively warm and clear. We're staying at the Dutch Haus tonight, a b and b about 2 miles down a dirt road off the trail. We should be getting to the southern border of the Shenandoahs in about 2-3 days. There's also apparently a great bouldering spot about 30 miles from here that we're hoping to check out for an afternoon. Not much else to report. I haven't had a chance to mention it, but Adam will be coming back to Mt. Roger's Park to repeat the section, hopefully within the year. I had to hike the end of the park alone because he got kicked out for fighting a wild feral pony, after a failed attempt at riding it. Other than that, we've hit our stride hiking, and are starting to cruise 20+ miles / day. Another substantial update will probably come in Harper's Ferry. Oh, we also passed an old freed-slave farming settlement yesterday, which marks some interesting Civil War history that we'll be walking through.

p.s. I'm working with a new trail name for now, Daddy Luv was getting annoyingly misinterpreted.

- Gregor Samsa


dog walker said...

Wait! Is that a true story about Adam getting kicked out? Who was there to witness it? You gotta be kidding!
Nice haircuts. You look like shady characters, if you want my opinion. I definitely wouldn't buy brushes from you if you came to the door.
Maybe I'll see you at Harper's Ferry, if you make it there on Sunday or Monday. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

dog poo treader
is it true you signed up for the army and are now on the run?

Clay B. said...

Hey Phil, Clay Bassford here. Just found your blog. i really liked reading what you guys are doing. when will you be passing through NY and CT? i would love to join up for a few days if possible. Mike said he and Derek wanted to also. maybe we can get Chucky in on it too. When you get a chance, email me and let me know:
happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil! Your mom gave me your blog site and I am completely amazed! Kudos to you and Adam! --Ms. Tulotta