Sunday, April 27, 2008

The common morell

The past few days of hiking has been funny because of all the people out here picking mushrooms. The locals say that it has been the best year in a long time because of three inches of rain that fell recently. Phil and I are only too aware of the incessant downpours we experienced going through Shenandoah National Park. Anyway, much to the pleasure of locals, the rain had a positive affect on this years Morell Mushrooms.

You'll be hiking along an see a shady character squatting in the woods about 30 feet off the trail behind dense foliage. The first time I experienced this situation I half expected it to be an ambush, or if I saw overalls, a pending rape scene. It turns out that these people were just your average shroomers foraging around for the common morell. Its one of the easiest mushrooms to identify in the wild. This is assuming your sober while foraging. Many of the pickers also found it a good idea to carry along cases of cheap beer for the excursion. Phil and I fried some up ourselves the other night with a small packet of butter from KFC. It really was delicious. I hear they get sold for a fortune in some restraunts.


Anonymous said...

hey ad, I gues mushrooms are a souce of protein if you cant shoot a deer!
got halfway up mt Jajungal and hit two feet of snow!going too hard!sipped whisky instead..
will I bring a tent as one has to reserve huts in advance?
Big Chief...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ad I could meet you at Cheshire on 26th?
Big Chief...

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

I was looking to meet with you in Corwall Bridge, CT on May 21st. Let me know if that would work. I can bring my own tent and supplies. Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

hey have you guys gone bush?
getting a lot of rain?
worth bringing goretex hiking boots?
...Big Chief..

janet said...

Hi Ad,

Mushroom picking all the rage here too. melonda went up to the Blue Mountains last weekend and picked some huge pine mushrooms and some small brown dodgy looking ones too. Big Bob too scared to eat but we did and they were great- really fleshy like meat only not.
i am sending you a runner with soem supplies in a few weeks. he may actually eat more than he brings but he is usually good for Whisky.
xx Janet