Thursday, February 28, 2008

North Carolina - and a note to friends who want to join them in NC

We have had word that Adam and Phil are in North Carolina and making great progress. They expect to make landfall in the Smokey Mtns within the next few days. They have asked us to cut back on the dried fruit portion in their home brewed trail mix as it was affecting them adversely... (!). The next food drop is to be posted on Monday of next week. The weather has been very weird, apparently. Early this week they went from getting a sunburn in the warm weather in the morning, and then a windburn in the cold. They got pretty wet going into Helen and camping in their tent last week, but they've dried out since. They lost the first group they were hiking with (they think they passed them when they stopped at a different town) and have been hiking off and on with two other guys. They have now experienced hiking in snow (6") and are also considering some night hiking.

Message from Adam and Phil: Any friends who are thinking about joining us in North Carolina should send an email or a message on the blog and please give us about a week's notice so we can arrange a meeting point!

This message has been posted by the Moms of Adam and Phil (the support crew).


dog walker said...

Noticed you had a good meal at Fontana Dam (your next stop after Franklin). Those bistro prices... Good that y'all aren't starving! Sorry we missed your call.

Anonymous said...

hey ad and a great article on the south west track walk in Tassie!perhaps next trip!the sharemarket has crashed and oil has run out, so just keep going further north to avoid global warming!see you in maine.
Big Chief...