Thursday, February 21, 2008


The first day was warm and rainy. There was the occasional thunderstorm rolling through. The terrain is pretty mountainous and beautiful. We have had a few days of sun with good hiking temps in the 40s. I saw the famous blue haze of the southern appalachians two days ago looking south from Blood Moutain.
We've met some interesting and really nice characters already. Some chefs from Tennassee, "Dart Man" who has already hiked the trail once, (he looks like a mountain man from the 19 century), and some other funny characters. Phil and I feel in pretty good shape, and we're exctied to continue the adventure. Just had my first hitch hiking experience inside the US. Went well.


EH said...

Well done for your first leg! How's the food? Sick of trail mix already? How many thousands of peanuts and raisins will you have eaten at the end? Maybe you could keep count!

Home front quite peaceful. Holly and friend home for the weekend. A lot of snow today Friday Feb 22. Are you getting snow too? That should make the walk more fun!?
Plow on!

Anonymous said...

Great going! Am plotting your course on a map. Good geography lesson on USA for humble Aussies!
Love the general overview of conditions, scenery etc , with a bit of imagination we can be on the journey too!!
Good luck lots of love
Chrissie (your aunt)

Adam's Mom said...

Great to hear from you - sounds as though you are off to a great start! We are preparing to send the next food drop early as you seem to be ahead of schedule. Lots of love, Mom

Anonymous said...

looks like you are making better progress than bill bryson!
perfect weather in Sydney today.expecting the QE2 liner in the harbour today.thought of you as I sank into my new matress!
Big Chief...

Anonymous said...

hows the bunions?
just getting the finishing touches on my mardi gras costume for sat night done.and a bit more ab work