Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy and healthy in NY state

Hey everyone, not much to write, thanks to Adam's detailed entry. I was also really glad to have my friend Jessea from Duke visit. It really helped boost our spirits through a section of trail that many people mentally struggle with.
Other than that, I'm excited to have made it to New York. Earl Shaffer, the first "thru-hiker" of the AT, waited until reaching NY to notify the Appalachian Trail Conservancy of his journey. He figured, unless struck with a hindering injury, that he would make all the way to Katahdin. At this point in our voyage, I am living comfortably with a similar peace of mind. I'm excited for the trail we have to come, and gleefully anticipate the majesty and ruggedness that I think we'll find in the northern Appalachians. We're also now outfitted with some bug net head-coverings.

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